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I have used SP Batch for many years now. Yes, sometimes the stuff is like concrete (or seems so at first), but can be broken up relatively easily. No problems with storing it - I keep it in the shop, up off the floor, underneath some shelving.
Lately though, I've been pondering getting SP Cullet instead. My reasoning was that I have an invested pot furnace (gas-fired), which is getting on in years (not unlike me), and I don't want to have to replace it, since I'll probably just retire in a few years anyway (my blowing seasons are short). So I figured cullet, being easier to melt, might help the furnace go a bit longer. Well, after reading this thread, I see the jury is still out on that, plus there are the possible issues of availability.
Maybe I'll just stick with the tried-and-true SP Batch after all. When you think about it, making glass for the purpose of re-melting it is a big waste of energy, and thus money; the only silver lining being with the shipping, since with cullet you are getting 100% (or close to it) useable glass, whereas with batch you wind up with (I believe) somewhere closer to 80%.
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