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I need to amend the post I put up yesterday so people don't expect immediate results. Getting the refractories for the replacement ( not rebuilt) furnace have a minimum six month lead time so don't expect this to change right away.

As to batch costs, my cost for Lithium Carbonate has hit $16.00 lb very recently . I rarely use it except for little baths for my colorants sometimes in difficult glasses. If I had to put macro dollars worth of Lithium in every 100 lbs of batch it would hit me between the eyes. It again is interesting to me how much reaction there can be to a price increase of a material which adds something like .30-.50 cents to the cost of the blown glass product which is usually selling for a great deal more than that. Maybe a price increase per piece of .50 cents would cover it at the shows.

As to melt issues, Spectrum original if you mean the system 96 nuggets did indeed melt easily but the glass also dissolved the furnaces. Borax is a two edged sword for a variety of reasons. I've certainly heard people say they find a lot of stuff in their recuperators. I'll report back on mine next Spring. Right now, I have no plans for borax in the new glass.

At this point, I think Spruce Pine is making every effort to supply the products that people feel they need.
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