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In rod, when opaques using fluorine are being made, you can see bubbles completely when the rod is being made before it strikes. The rod needs to be cooled rather slowly to prevent an outgas from the rod core.

Experience tells me that lots of bubbles in rods come from putting color in your color box hot. Micro fractures occur when rod is treated that way and they show later as bubbles. There are also bubbles in rods themselves as they are being made. Bubbles get introduced into pot color from the trailing glass from gathering rod and the more rods you make, the more of those bubbles happen. I find that the upper half of a pot is suitable for good rod and anything after that needs serious inspection. I usually turned the lower 2/5ths to frit and considered my self lucky.

Now galleries and stores? They're all different. I think it depends on size and location. Some are ridiculously so stuck on perceived defects that they can't see the piece at all. I have one that doesn't want light colored transparent glass because it's hard to photograph. I would not be happy paying for a color rod that had big bubbles in it. It's not easy to make them.
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