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Certainly the right temperature is needed, and a soak (10-15-20 mins minimum) at this temperature to get the heat all the way through the bar. Getting the temp right in the hotbox negates any need to fuss with glory hole, but I would advise against going right into the flame path.

A couple of other things..

Not using too hot a post to pick up the rod in the first place - especially if you have a front loading kiln where temps at the front are cooler than the back.

Clean, sharp shears cutting through a well heated and presented bit. If you are getting any smuzz from your cut it will likely produce a series of small bubbles where it melts in.

Running the colour over a smooth heat polished post. I never use a graphite pad on gathers that will have colour run over them, I think they leave enough behind on the surface of the glass to cause problems.

Pushing the colour down with shears as part of the cutting action if you are running colour over a bubble - and definitely not lifting as you might with a foot or stem. And make sure that the colour doesn't mushroom before you tool or marver it over the post.

If there is any sort of consistency where in the piece the bubbles are showing, its probably down to technique rather than product.
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