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It is simply a suspicion but stiff glasses tend to have high alumina contents which are going to be dicey expanding in a color box.

If you remember the trick of taking any glass from a pot and then hitting it with a cold concentrated blast of air from the compressor, when you stop, big bubbles appear in the gather, then as the gather stabilizes, those bubbles begin to shrink and go back into solution. If you do mole chemistry calcs on a glass, you can see all the dissolved gases in the glass.
I think it's reasonable to get suspicious of those gases being in the color but in solution. I think it's reasonable to get suspicious that heating and cooling the rod may trigger a path for the release of gas into a visible section of the color.

I've done this for a long time. In that time, I've seen a lot of chemical phenomenon in glass to the point than none surprise me. It's glass. Expecting no issues from glass is probably going to leave you unhappy if you have to promise perfection.
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