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Originally Posted by charlie jenkins View Post
We tried to melt Glasma, but over 5 years ago.
We have an Electroglass furnace for 18 years now, we started with the recommended Phillips glass that was formulated to work best with these furnaces, all was fine until 2008 when the price went well past a dollar per pound plus delivery.
Our first choice was with Glasma and we used it for about a year. Like others said it was a fine working glass but browned under torch and fumed A LOT. While charging, the fuming was noticed in the air in the rooms above the studio.....and I believe had a slight etching effect on some skylights we have.....(maybe no correlation, but happier not thinking about how it may have effected my health). Worse, the fuming coated the inside of my electric furnace and the SIC elements which would cause them to arc and turn off(big deal if your charging) and also the door would stick(badly).

So we went with Spectrum, but only after the Premium came out. This furnace can not handle Borax glass, must work with Lithium based.

Spectrum was great, the 2.0 was also great but now, we are adrift.

Our situation prefers cullet, not batch but it seems that Crystalica is also not our answer....(Borax based).

I think I will need to suck-it-up and spend $ more on the Phillips batch again if we are to melt anything......

Questions?......Answers? Can anyone offer us a Lithium based cullet any more?
We are desperate to find an alternative to the 2.0 nuggets, so if anyone has some suggestions that would be great.

And please refrain from squelching me with the "I told you so's..." around the buying cullet vs. batching your own. I am not a alchemist. Im too busy just blowing the glass.

At what temperature were you melting GLASMA, Charlie? I've read in past thread that cooking GLASMA above 2200F will cause stones to appear from alumina chunks from crucible floating into the glass. But it seems like most people are melting it around 2200 or a little higher. Bill's suggested melting temp is 2200F for small crucible furnace.

We have a small moly furnace here and are deciding what to melt next after our 2.0 nugget pile runs out. Does anyone have any recommendation for how to make the hole in the furnace door for venting during charging?

And does it brown really fast using torch flame on this glass?

Thank you,
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