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Just talked to a former user of the magic powder. Here's what I learned:

1. The hotshop used only clear bottles for cullet, carefully removed labels, glue and crushed them.
2. They add 10% by weight of the flux/magic powder from Mexico to the cullet and bag it up.
3. Toss in bags and charge and fine out as usual

I would think that even using only clear glass would still result in a cordy mess since the different clears wouldn't homogenize nicely. But perhaps all the chear they used was from the same bottle factory so same formula? Dunno.

However, people who worked there said that the glass was consistently clear and cord-free, had nice working properties with good fit with commercial color. Tobias, Lino, Karen & Jasen, etc all used it with great results. It sounds unbelievable, but this is what I've heard directly from people who used and melted the stuff. Amazing.
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