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Originally Posted by David Patchen View Post
Just talked to a former user of the magic powder. Here's what I learned:

I would think that even using only clear glass would still result in a cordy mess since the different clears wouldn't homogenize nicely. But perhaps all the chear they used was from the same bottle factory so same formula? Dunno.
My old professor Cliff Sowder would disagree with you. Speaking from experience, as opposed to just conjecture. I've busted up plenty of beer, mayo, etc and never saw a cord. And, I must say Cliff made some of the best Carribean Blue I've ever seen. Yes, out of all sorts of bottles. Was this a panacea for perfect 96 with any glass, absolutely not but it is amazing what you can do. This was back in the late 70's too.

I've made a lot with this type of glass, done right, it's nice. The knowledge of how to manipulate the material is the trick, Patented Magic formula, Meh.

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