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I have visited the Olio and was as surprised to see that the glass quality seemed to be decent. Rebeccah is very nice and Iím sure she would be happy to answer anyoneís questions. The bottles are saved from the local bars and definitely not all the same. The labor to clean and remove labels would be enough for me to find another source of cullet but they have plenty of free labor through the programs they offer. Iím also in the same thinking snake oil and even if it works for them it doesnít mean it would work for someone else. Obviously glass can be modified to fit but one magic potion wonít fix all glasses. I choose not to spend anytime thinking of the claims of the idea that glass needs to be recycled. It isnít a pollutant in clear form and I always thought the only responsible way to recycle glass is reuse.

Iím curious Is this magic potion available through any US distributors now?
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