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Well, I'm back from Oaxaca and Magic mountain is back! Jay, The lead is not "burned out" of the cullet and I don't care who told you that. The lead is a physical part of the glass and that particular glass could not exist without the lead content it has.
The risk is the cullet is mostly in the fine dusts that inherently exist in the cullet itself. For years we all used to say that the lead is bound up in the cullet and it is perfectly safe. It isn't -and that is why Lead glasses can no longer be used for decanters..

I think your headaches are a reasonable concern and I doubt that you need to add any more crap to the stew you are already ingesting. I would not say "Don't take the cullet" but I would say that it is not benign stuff. It has about 36 percent lead in it. You also are going to find that it is an absolute bitch to melt without cords. Those stirring rods really are good for something.
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