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Jay Holden
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I noticed today that there was a foul rotten egg smell floating around my gaffers bench. The caffiteria is just down the hall and usually there is a smell of bagels and such but this morning there was no food smell and I started looking for the GAS LEAK. It was in my torch. On the inside of the control box. One of my assistants said he smelled it last week but forgot to bring it to my attention. I went and got the safety lady and she had it fixed right away. I still got the headache but we will see if it subsides now. If not I will get tested for heavy metals up in Rochester or Buffalo. Corning controls the medical people in and around Corning. We did have a high lead situation back in 1990 and we wern't aloud to work without recals on. Try to blow glass while wearing a face mask and helmet. It's an experiance I tell ya.
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