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Wink Old school comfort

It's always amazed me how folks will go out and build equipment just like they saw at university. Those benches that accomodate five-foot-four freshmen may not be comfortable for the six footer-plus pro building his own studio, but you see it all the time.
My glory hole yoke is 35 inches, my furnace sill is higher yet. You may see short benches, marvers, and holes described in Henry's bible. I prefer seeing into the holes without bending over. You see more "sitz" benches or stand-up benches all the time. People doing large heavy work may benefit from the lower configurations. Otherwise Ergonomics Rule!
P.S. When I saw Dick Marquis do a demo the first thing he did was to bring in four cinder blocks to raise the gaffer's bench, and he is not a tall man.

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