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Fenton optic molds

From what I can see, of all of the molds and tools Mr. Fenton had for sale, only the Spot Molds (optic molds to us) and the corked turn molds are of particular interest to the average furnace glass blower. The crimps, snaps and pressware molds are not of much interest to me, in any case.

There were 250 or so conventional optic-mold-like "spot molds" on the original list. I purchased about fifty of them, all conventional optic mold shapes, with convex dots, ribs and a couple of other odd textures. I also bought a couple of large bubble-trap molds.

When I last left (a few days ago) there were only maybe 20-30 conventional style optic molds that I left behind, plus many of the ones (like SM94-SM99) that are not really conventionally optic-mold-like. There were many many pressware and other molds left, and quite a few corked turn molds left.

By the way, when I used to help someone use corked molds, we always sprayed the mold down with water before and after each piece we blew into it. I was unaware they could be used dry.
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