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That indeed is a fair price John. The trick is more complex. I currently don't know of anyone with that kind of backing to service the debt alone. Mike may be sick of Lava.
I'm currently on a property with a higher value than that but more as a tree farm than a glass works. And not much more. Fine lumber is less popular than wood stove pellets. The Santa Fe property was far more valuable as it turned out, but not as a glass shop. So, Think about that tooling carefully. IMHO.
You have some great stuff listed but these days people seem to make small salable items like pumpkins. If I were younger I'd go after lots of it, but I, like so many are drifting along towards irrelevancy.

Let me know your current private condition if you would please. I do care about that.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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