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I have the newer version of your furnace with the 3 elements. I have run it for 3 years now with the same crucible.

Now, I know it is on it's last leg at this point. Some of the things that I can tell you from my experience are the following:

#1. The dp connector needs to be replaced with every element replacement. It proved to shorten the life of the elements if I left the old one in the furnace. Hell you can buy them in bulk for like 9 bucks each or just switch them to a merc. Either way I stuck with the DP because it proved to go to 80% about two weeks before my element would go. It was like a shot across the bow.

#2. I could get exactly 13 months out of a dp/element set if I never powered down.

#3. The nuggets ate a channel into the soft brick and created a vent. I plug it with a fiberboard plug when not charging. Leave it open while charging it wants out I want it out it gets out.

#4. I work at 2150. I charge at 2150. I work at 5pm to around 9pm at night. If I charge 15 lbs when I am done, go in take a shower have a beer, come out drop in 15lbs more about 1 hour later I can keep my pot topped off. I will loose around 10% a night until the weekend when I empty it and fill it on sunday. If I toss in my last charge at midnight it will have micro bubbles in the 8am range. If I wait until lunch and look real close I might see some fines, at 4pm it is clear as summer rain.

No need to get fancy. It is such a simple product to melt. I can't wait to melt in my new one that is be built now with SP cullet. I plan to turn the old aim with the old pot into a color pot for a bit then rip it back down and build it up as a 40 lbs pot with the 3 elements. I would really last a lot longer with a smaller foot print. I have two new crucibles waiting on my new ideas.


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