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Originally Posted by Eben Horton View Post
Pete the glass market is fine. There are still galleries selling glass. You have not done any wholesale shows in how long? Since 2010? You left the scene in the crater of the Great Recession. With Wendy bumbling things up with her show and ACC allowing steel garden art to be sold, one would think that the glass market is dead, but there still are collectors, galleries and commissions to be had.

It's not like the glory days but your post sounds like the end is near or something. It's not.
Well, I see your point up to a point. I stopped doing shows because the methodology was no longer working. It used to be that they were six figure once a year outings. Find me that anywhere. Now, what I see is a craft show Bedouin method going from camp to camp selling mostly $75-100 dollar items.
It's not dead but it's not the same either. At one point I used to sell at least one 1600 dollar retail piece a day. I can't imagine that now. ( I also can't make them anymore either). The Santa Fe Gallery was capable of occasional 35K days. That's long gone.
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