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Originally Posted by Sky Campbell View Post
Local feed store needs someone to unload 50lb feed bags. Strong you man says hell yes and makes it into a great job for himself. Another man makes it into a permanent disability. Was the disability the fault of the feed store owner?

Please donít misunderstand Iím not saying as a owner of a business they arenít responsible for the safety of their employees but if the job description says unloading 50lb feed bags it seems pretty clear to me.
Agree with your premise except if the local feed store owner knows that the way he's asking the employees to unload the bags consistently injures them over the years *and* despite knowing there's a problem in the process, fails to act. He also requires employees to sign non-disparagement agreements to access their their disability benefits.

Glassybaby has opened themselves up to a legal risk by not taking employee injuries seriously enough. These are not cuts or burns that heal in a week--I know a number of people who have trouble turning or holding tools even after months of PT. If there's a class-action suit against them they will have earned it.
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