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I'll copy this to the new board as well. Primarily, I believe it to be actually a copper red glass that has been dosed with cobalt. The copper red is profoundly dominant in a glass like this particularly in transmission light but in reflective light, the cobalt takes over. I've been making these type glasses for the last month or so. I used to put these glasses together in some cut forms. I think I made eight or nine. An amazing purple.

As is so often the case, this kind of glass is far better not cased. I tend to work it with an inner casing of an ordinary silver opal and then in that same opal with an addition of copper and cobalt. It usually needs to be adjusted for linear expansion.

There is literature that suggests cobalt makes a red by itself and in really deep transmissive light, I think that's true but good luck taking it to the bank. You;ll make a lot of blue. Antimony is given the same claim to fame by Volf but that one as are most are going to be available only if you make your own glass.

I continue to think if you really want a red, either make a cad sel or use a color rod and pick up a different color outside it. It would be best gathered from a pot, not a rod.
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