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I've use R144 (silver night blue) in bar only and it's always given me a deep blue. I show it as a transparent color.

I used a similar named color R192 (iris night blue) in frit form. It's listed as an opaque color and it is. Alone it give a deep opaque blue, but in combination with R61 (dense white) it varied from deep blue to brown on the same piece. It seems to be a reduction reaction as far as I can tell.

I'm interested because I can't get R192 from my supplier right now at all, but can get R144 in heavy powder and frit, so I've ordered the R144 in HP.

I never could exactly replicate the colors shown on the web sites, so this year I blew a series of my own color samples "the way I blow stuff" and then took photos so now I have my own reference as to what various colors should look like in the ways I use them (i.e. plain, with optic, combined with R61, etc.).
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