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Has this been persistent with all the Dyson pots you've used? Or does this seem to be happening as an outlier?

If bubbles keep on forming in the pot, that's not silica doing it. It is possible that you have a bad pot or a contaminated glass that you're trying to melt. If you were to short term, melt GLASMA, would you have the same experience.

I view the statement from cristalica as salesmanship and nothing else .

Pitting indeed does trap bubbles in that honey comb matrix your photo shows so well. Those bubbles do tend to travel in and out of those crevices. The cording after a few days does suggest a silica melt going on.

I'd change out the pot.

We managed to make a few defective pots based on contamination way back at the inception of High Temp. It was limited to one rubber bag of the mix and at first I simply could not understand it. When I looked at our process for storage, it was obvious and nothing like it has occurred in almost ten years. Embarrassing? You bet.
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