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In looking at the website and their calculation of alumina content, it appears to me they claim your pot is 55% alumina which would be really low. It also list the silica content as 42.5 % which is a lot of silica and that's where the swiss cheese look is coming from.
Although I'm always suspicious about zirconium in a crucible for soda limes, the DCA looks like a better mix for what you are doing. It lists a 13.5% silica content and a 72.5% alumina content. The literature claims it's more suited for "Colored glasses or "more corrosive glasses". It will be shockier.

I don't view 72% alumina as being high but it beats the sillimanite mix by a long shot. You might consider trying it.

I am inclined to agree that you're not going to get bubbles to rise out of your cristalica without getting a good deal hotter. That in turn will increase the corrosive action on your pot. With ultra fine bubbles, I think you're really looking for re-absorption into the glass. Obviously that isn't happening.
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