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I'm just trying to educate the consumer. Unlike food, clothes or bedding, a university doesn't have to list their ingredients, but they should. Because unlike a $5 jar of peanutbutter, a degree is considerably more expensive.

An MFA is nothing more than an investment to teach at the university level and possibly a chance to get a booster shot of "critical thinking". If the program is good, a grad student can get experience teaching. With the trend to populate schools with cheap adjunct instructors, teaching experience is rare.

What kind of precident is set when a MFA Degree in 2D Art and very little training allows one to become tenured in a 3D material practice? The investment of obtaining/earning an MFA in Glass in order to teach is a poor one. Furthermore, if the head of the program isn't connected to the glass world, academic, studio or art worlds, a student's network pool is severely handicapped.

As an alum, I am deeply disappointed in the administration at Tyler School of Art/Temple University's decision to place an unqualified person in charge of the glass program. At this point, the dept is coasting on shiny new equipment and a good reputation built by Jon Clark. Luckily, I got out before the walls caved in.
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