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To me, the question is somewhat complex. I can certainly see a product being shipped that is defective and the company would make the claim that their liability is limited to replacement cost of the product. I however also seems to me that once the company becomes aware that they are making defective product to the point where it's usage will result in additional defective product down the food chain, AND it then knowingly ships the same stuff, then it strikes me the arena of negligence has been entered. negligence is a much bigger issue.

Any of these consumers have lost time, fuel, labor costs, potentially clients because of the defect which is real and obvious. I would be interested in what a lawyer would have to say about that.

It's not just the wire melter people melting this because they have to, there are lots and lots of people who simply find it to be convenient. Bad things can happen if you make your own glass as well, or if you use a commercial batch. We can all make mistakes. The question becomes what we do after the mistake is discovered.
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