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Tom really stayed on the case of any impurities that might get into the glass and you could easily see it coming past the last refractory wall. His problem is really quite different at this point and it has more to do with how much volume they can actually make compared to how much they thought they would be able to make. I have heard that Spectrum ladles the glass out for this stuff but I don't know that. My point is that if there are runs for various people and they all have the same production dates on the bags, that's one thing. If the stones are in substantially more production runs than just one, or even several, that's quite another. If it's a continuous problem, figure out a new supply. If you are being shipped stuff that could make your finished product check and possibly cause actual damage to someone or something, um... that's an issue too.

I agree with Alex that they would do well coming clean publicly about what is going on and how they have dealt with it, if they have.
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