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I correspond with Gary Nash and while he had mentioned the writing, I don't get the sense that this is more than a preemptive press release. Croucher and Nash did share a space at one time and Nash says that Croucher worked for him. They don't seem to spend time together.

I am drawn back to the Peiser Interview tapes which I now have and am reviewing. At one point Mark is talking about being at Corning in Sullivan Park 30 years ago, which is where the deep thinkers hang out and he was to have an interview with a senior engineer about his phosphate opals. He virtually waited in the room all day until finally at four O'Clock the man comes in, covered with sweat and pretty disshevelled looking. So Mark asked what was up and it turned out that they were having trouble with a 30 ton melter doing a phase separation opal. He finally said that putting a lb of water on the forehearth seemed to help. Mark went on to say that it really wound up with Mark and Dick consoling the engineer about his troubles. Nothing was working.

The reason I tell that story here is that Mark came to the conclusion that everyone ultimately was guessing. Then coupling this up with a visit to Weyl back in the late seventies where Weyl couldn't figure out Mark's problem shrugged and said "Maybe more Alumina?" was that after making the worlds densest opaque during the class and having been unable to make it even vaguely opal ever since , is that relying on anyone for a set of roadmaps to nirvana is seriously unlikely in glass. Each of us on the journey have found glass to be a strange mistress that lets you in once and then never again. I am as mystified by the opaque as the engineer with the water on the forehearth. So when you hear about a book by me, or Mark, or Nash, or anyone for that matter always remember that a good recipe can't cross the street. It not only can't, it won't out of pure spite. My copper ruby formula was a fall off a log the best copper red out there in New Mexico. Here in new Hampshire we had to hammer it with black tin to get a strike at all.

The interviews are incredible though, They really need editing and it's going to take time. I haven't seen the tape of the color class but we know we want to bring some of the color class footage into the interviews, particularly the sections on mole chemistry.
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