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Originally Posted by Richard Huntrods View Post

With my track record, I could put 5 grams of Cobalt into 40lbs of SP batch and get bright orange.
I forget where it was but I have seen the argument for making a red using cobalt. Good luck with that. It is actually true that with the right density of cobalt you can actually see part of the red spectrum. It's a flashing moment and it doesn't make red.

I have seen or read proposals for a variety of colors in glass that are really exclusive to the moment in time and place where it's occurring. A basic proof for a scientific theory is that it's results can be duplicated by a peer in another lab- sort of like with cold fusion in a mayonaisse jar. That one didn't pan out either. Coloring glass is a lot harder than making clear glass and making excellent clear glass is almost impossible without big tools and heavy metals. Little furnaces like studio equipment aren't ever going to make good glass by the criteria of the optical standards.
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