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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
I want to know why it would be pneumatic. The principle is an Archemedian wedge . I can't see why you would want to have to always have a compressor around if you used it. I mean I like compressors but I don't get it.
It's fast actuating and requires no effort. A micro switch and gravity feed it would almost be hands free. As far as air goes I thought compressed air was a requirement in a glass shop. How else would the pneumatic doors work? Haha seriously a ram that size with a spring return would require very little air per stroke.I have a pneumatic beer can crusher and it will work all night on a 10 gallon air pig (portable air storage tank). Helps keep the shop clean. Who doesn't like to smash a can to the thickness of a potato chip.

If I needed to cut cane you bet this is the design I would build. Cheers for the ingenuity. I do appreciate a good build.

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