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The Spherical

Okay, went to Hans Superabrasive Materials Co.,Ltd and placed an order for two abrasive wheels. To my surprise the order was accepted. They originally had a minimum of 5. Tried to pay with a credit card and received a message that read that the U.S. was not a recognized country. No sale. Okay fair enough, I don't recognize the U.S. either but I did want the wheels. A day later I decided to go back and see what would happen if I paid through my PayPal account which also uses my credit card. The order went through without any problem. Go figure. Bottom line, if you guys are interested in spherical abrasive wheels give Han a try. Postage is a bit high but still cheaper than anyone else and I think they are the only ones that sell the spherical wheel (6" and 8" only) with a choice of grit sizes.
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