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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
Adelle Pepper in "The glass Gaffers of New Jersey" has some great stuff on Muffs that were 6-8 feet tall. Those photos are in Finn Lyngaard's recipe book as well.

I have yet to really understand how they can bend windshield glass without leaving any marks. That's true of bent glass for showcases as well. I'd appreciate any enlightenment.
I bought a 6'x9' coffin kiln from a company that made curved panels for china cabinets and the like. It came with a mold in the bottom that bows up in the middle as you turn a crank from the outside. The crank arm has marks that gauge the amount of bow in the glass. It looks like the glass was suspended above the mold then as it starts to soften the mold is bowed up to lift the glass and let sag onto the mold. My guess was after it is bent they vent the kiln enough to freeze the glass and the mold is lowered. I removed it all from the kiln as it wasn't the direction I was going but it did make more questions then answers. A quick Google search revealed this company and its process.

How Do They Do It-- How Do They Make Curved Glass- Video at

I also just watched a process for windscreens but not nearly as impressive. As you can imagine that is very automated with time and temp repeated over and over and over.
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