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Not interested in transparency. If it can be melted and gathered out of a pot, I'll be happy. You know me. If I've got a question, I'll try to answer it through experiment. Might be a dead end, might not. I have the resources to test it out right now. What got me going was the good results I saw in boro. How do they get all those colors without batching? They ball mill that stuff into dust and remelt! I walk into a shop and shake my head sometimes, there's not a lot of knowledge when it comes to equipment building and not all that much general glass knowledge but that naivete has allowed them to come up with some pretty amazing stuff. Charging powdered glass isn't something one would normally do in soft glass but if it's a tool to get certain things to work, I embrace it. We have the added advantage of being able to batch from scratch though but they are also catching up. I can tell you it's pretty intense to work in front of 2800-3000 degree equipment.
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