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I don't think the upcoming dominance battle is going to be about batch. It will be cullet. Somewhere around 2000 the glass community switched from a body that melted a lot of different things to one which never melted anything but cullet/ It went to wire melters and all of the prior approaches were sort of dumped.
Theres nothing wrong with GLASMA at all. It;s a beautiful glass but if over fired has issues. That' s hardly the problem these days.
If Bill wants to come on the board and hawk his product, that's fine. It's fine if Lewis does it as well. Tom pretty much never does. They probably all should stick their best foot forward. I don't have an agenda beyond dissemination of facts.

The issue is more like what the middle of the road shop is going to do as they realize that Cristalica is not solving the problem, cuz it won't.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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