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The evaporation rates depend on the process conditions in the glass furnace, like:
Glass melt composition (at the surface);
Temperature of the glass melt surface;
Composition of the atmosphere. Especially the water vapor (air-fuel versus oxy- fuel) and the carbon monoxide contents just above the melt are important.
In furnace atmospheres with high water vapor mainly meta-boric acid is released.
Exposure time of a glass melt volume to the combustion atmosphere and
Local gas velocities and turbulence intensity just above the glass melt surface.
Electric melting has an advantage here but in a flue-less furnace the gathering port gets the full load.
In alkali melts, NaBO2 and KBO2 will evaporate.
In melts where CaF2 is added as flux boron seems to be released as OBF
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