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The main destructive activity I see with it is in the gathering port or forehearth and the door. It makes a tar baby like material that has real staying power. Those furnace parts over here are largely insulating castables in the doors and some other 35% alumina refractories going up to 60%. But the silicates and fireclays certainly get consumed. I'm not seeing it in the crucibles- yet but the incorrect assumption that an electric unit did not need a flue was simply dead wrong using these materials. The little wire melters get it the worst. You just can't use any fluorine in electrics. It's either nitrate or lithium driven and lithium is pricey stuff. I did unsuccessfully try to get Dobern to get the stuff out of the glass 18 months ago but I was not surprised to see them pass on changing it. It seems to me right now that if Oceanside were to decide to make the purloined SP87 cullet in Tijuana that it would really cripple the popularity of the Cristalica which is a shotgun marriage right now. . The down side? They'd have to do it right. Life without borax would be better. I do wonder where the price will settle. No one is making any money at $1.00 lb.
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