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David Williams
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Some of you guys with wire and thinking to upgrade might also consider the path I took. What I did was, to get more life out of my wire elements I got a phase angle scr with a current limit which allowed me to dial down the watt loading on the wire, but also will be rquired for my moly system. I forget what I got it for but its in the archives because I remember talking about it. I think it was like 500$. It was from TTI global which I get all my control stuff from because I have a good relationship with them and they have great support and prices. Well it turned out after that we found out actually a zero burst crossing whozit scr was better for wire. But, to my untrained electrical mind it seems like the current limit is really the key to reducing the watt loading. In fact, I think if you got just a controller with percentage-wise output control (pxr3 129$) and cut down the output signal to an ssr you'd do just as well (with wire) but thats another thread. Anyway The phase angle scr is good for both systems and serves as sort of a bridge to the moly. As far as David Patterson what you asked about suppliers, schematics, etc. Its a relatively new method for melting in the studio and you have to sniff around to educate yourself. I think you'll find most of what you'll need to know in the archives here. I can't imagine that you'd find any richer single source of information for non-engineers outside of Steve's skull.
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