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Brian Gingras
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Originally posted by Pete VanderLaan

It is by the way really heartening to me to see some of you playing in this particular sandbox. There are so few of us now and it really makes me feel that my efforts here at craftweb are worth it just from the pure educational aspects.
your efforts do not go un-noticed...I'm 2 years from lighting up my own shop, and this discussion still has had my full attention. Once I get my equipment where I want it, I plan to do the exact same thing, that is to make a glass that I like and fits my needs...having been renting time in other shops and having the base glass changed all the time, I've been fixed on doing the glass batching myself so I don'r have to deal with the changing supplies and unreliable sources.

This kind of discussion is something that all members of the glass comunity need to pay attention to.
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