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Crating all four crucibles with a foam in place ring for each pot will run $475.00. It will meet all applicable import requirements that Oz has. The crucibles will run $675.00 each with a five percent discount applied after the total. The Shipping should run about ( About mind you) $750.00 USD. That is to the freight carriers warehouse at the port in Melbourne. It always needs to get picked up right away or they start to charge storage.

That is not bad when I consider that shipping an individual pot across this country costs about $200.00. The crating is an unfortunate but necessary expense since cargo stuff bound for the south pacific and beyond really takes some harsh handling. We do VISA /MC

I used to go around on Broken Hill with Graham Stone, whose great book "The Schedules" I deeply admire. I also love Australian films "Where the Green ants Dream" was a particular favorite. Do you know Ross Duncan? He was a student of mine at Pilchuck over thirty years ago and he's out there somewhere. I also haven't seen Whitely for some time either .
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