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Originally Posted by Mike Hanson View Post
Maybe the ones you got were but, the ones that I have received
(especially lately) still need to be fined out. There are bubbles noticeable in the chips right out of the bag. I like Spruce Pine to work with but, the chips need some work. Like many have said, there is no free lunch. I hope the new method of production for SP chips will be good for us end users.
As I said: "Production issues at Fenton could not be resolved so production ceased. " The fault lay with Fenton Glass sadly. Those chips made right are really nice.

As to Mike's comments about the corrosion, getting the boron out of the nuggets when in the presence of barium did alleviate the problem. It always will. Robert Gary Parks is doing OK with the regular nuggets because he melts so cold. It's not a viable option for most people but it does dramatically slow down the microgram release that occurs at higher temperatures which Durk Valkema has so amply measured.

What I find fascinating is John Corucher's assertion that the original system 96 nuggets are in fact a 94. I have never tested them for actual expansion, only relative strain to a few other glasses. I don't understand this company.
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