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Originally Posted by Stephen Protheroe View Post
Hello Everyone,

I am looking for 2 qty - Eclipse Thermjets P/N TJ025 (with or without the nozzles & I don't need the cobustor). If you have one or two just let me know what you want for them. Pictures are helpful if you have them.

Stephen Protheroe
Thermjets are the worst burner ever made. Terrible for glass melting. Short blue flames that don't impart a wide spectrum of energy deep into the retort. They are only good for satisfying the need of Eclipse to produce an all around burner with low emissions. Watts are not watts. Btu's are not btu's. A gallon of gas is not a gallon of gas. Otherwise all cars of same weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics would have the same mpg.

edit; just pretend I wrote this last year

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