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I'll definitely try to pick John's brain about this at the class this April. One other interesting tidbit that I forgot to mention in the previous post was that I had a friend (Jerry Kung, a glass blower/tool maker from Oakland who some of you may know) visiting this past year, we used this same green murrine on a piece we made together. He is always thinking outside the box, and looking for different ways of doing things. So as an alternative to the 'cup-stuffing' I've been doing, he wanted to try doing a Swedish overlay with the murrine rollup. I remember seeing this devit on the surface after the rollup, but after we smeared the Swedish overlay onto another clear bubble and then made the piece, no devit detected. That formerly inside surface of the rollup, which was now on the outside, still had the exposed green on the surface but no devit. That seemed odd to me, not sure what got rid of or inhibited the devit by doing this.
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