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Originally Posted by Eben Horton View Post
about a year or 2 ago I switched to SP batch’s small bag option and will never go back to the 50 lb bags again. It really eliminated just about all dust issues.
I tried melting a few of the paper-bagged SP that a friend (Ed Branson), a glassblower in western MA let me try out to see if I liked it. I noticed that every bag seemed to contain a solid 'brick' of material. I'm not sure if that's characteristic of what you are getting in bagged-form Eben, or just the consistency of what Ed had at the time, but I ended up having to take those bricks out of the bags and break it up with a metal implement and charge the powder after that, because I thought it was safe to say that wouldn't make great quality glass (at least in my just adequately-powered moly). I didn't order any from SP that way based on that experience. I love SP's product otherwise, so don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bad mouth anything. I normally melt their regular pelletized batch, which I feel to be much less dusty than the powdered batches I mix for my homemade color melts. I also wouldn't want to melt un-pelletized in a furnace without a flue, because that one time melting the powder removed from those bags in my electric, I found that to be extra dusty and just shooting right out the door at my (albeit masked) face. With the homemade color mixes in my gas unit, the dust doesn't seem to be a noticeable issue for me. And that's often times dust that's much more concerning to be around than dust that's coming from just a plain clear batch. I also think most studios could be less worried about dust from pelletized, clear batch and worry more about their ventilation systems, which could probably be improved upon.
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