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Oh, the last time I looked, insurance companies for truckers paid .02 per pound on machinery that gets wrecked in trucking claims.

I do have to wonder how David Lindsay is doing trying to part out his tooling in the pandemic. To me, a reciprolap is worth nothing without a good tray. The trays can be trued maybe four times total before they are too thin to get in either a blanchard or chucked up in a large lathe. At that point, they can be run with a polishing pad only. I think new trays are around 1200 dollars from Covington or HIS glass which is a lot of money for something I used to buy for $200 dollars.

The Steinert grinder will last longer at least. No one seems really interested in polishing anymore. Grinding the base flat, yes, but not polishing. If you run any grit more coarse than a 27.5 micron in a reciprolap, it will wear it out in a heartbeat.
I do use diamond pads for 60 grit and it does save the big wheelhead from going out of true but then I run the 120 on SiC grit. I can keep a wheel from going out of true for ten years. My employees wrecked it in forty hours of operation. Being out of true more than .08 made polishing a nightmare . It's why I have so many wheelheads.
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