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You can cut glass up to about 1" thick with a tile saw, the little table saw style ones are about $60 at Lowes or HD. I think I paid about $150 for my import metal chop saw from Northern back in 92' , it's been a good one. Harbor Frt sells them for $59 but I wouldn't buy one unless there's a Hbr Ftr store nearby, it might be junk.
I don't think it would be wothwhile trying to cut glass and metal with the same tool. You could do it if your life depended on it, or for a million bucks, or for a dog-double-dare.
There are band saw blades for glass and also blades for metal but you wouldn't chop angle iron on the type of band saw that would work well with glass.

Buy a chop saw for the metal then build a glass saw. You can do anything with a chop saw, a welder, and a pile of metal.....well almost anything.
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