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Charlie Holden
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From the aluminum hats department, has anybody ever played around with a Brown's Gas torch? There are some very strange claims made for this stuff:

It heats different materials to different temperatures. It will vaporize tungsten but barely heat water.

The flame is a series of implosions instead of explosions.

Cut through scale or rust on iron with no spitting.

The flame will glaze a brick.

It is a mixture, from electrolized water, of hydrogen and oxygen that has never been seperated. The two gasses are collected together. I think it is somehow electrolized differently than the classic high school physics method, but I couldn't tell you how. Some people say it is mon-atomic hydrogen and oxygen but others say that is impossible. One guy says it is electrically expanded water, whatever that is.

Anyway, it seems like it would be fun to play around with.

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