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The hydrogen/Brown's gas stuff is for real.

The problem for useage at scales above jewelry torches is storing and pressurizing the gas.

Pete is quite right about the benefits of learning to oxy acetylene/propane weld first if you can afford the time. It will make everything afterwards a breeze, and you will use it a lot on small stuff. It does take quite a bit of practice to get it right, or my memory is that it did for me.

Steve is right about the greater penetration on 6013 rods, but, you've got to be highly skilled to get even a passable weld. For most folks you get a weaker weld with the 60 series rods if your skills aren't top notch. There was always some comment among welders that the union pipe welders insisted on the 60 series rods (and the skill required to use them)being held as the standard of the industry as sort of a job protection strategy.

My current gas welding setup is the gang of three used medical oxygen concentrators I usually use for my lampworking torch with propane. Enough pressure to weld but not to cut. No bottles to lug or run out at a critical moment late at night.
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