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Tom Whitehead
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Hi, Thought I'd jump in here and disagree with about everyone. I think you should get an older ac or dc machine, that you know is copper wound. It makes a big differance in arc stability. General rule is : he more it weighs, the better. My favorite is Lincoln. As far as rods go, I use 7018 sometimes and love it, but it leaves a hard glassy slag that can get in the way if your not careful, or can fall down if you're welding vertical down or overhead. Ypou have to keep it very dry or it'll splatter all over hell and gone. And even when you do keep it dry, it only lasts about 6 months once you open the can. 7014 is really a build-up rod good penetration, high slag, but only good welding flat. Lovely weld tho. 6013 is really a shallow penetration rod good for clean sheet metal and box tube as long as it's tightly fitted. I've welded with it to where it looks like I have the most beautiful weld in the world, then chipped the slag away only to find I had 2 beautiful welds, one on each side of the crack!! Still, if you turn up the amps, you can go like hell and get a nice flat bead too. So my fav is ( do I hear a chorus of groans?) 6011. Yup, the original splatter rod. I think of it as the Swiss Army knife of rods, you can weld anything with it in any position, no matter how old or rusty. And unlike 6013, what you see is what you get. If it looks like you're filling then you are. Plus if you have a really big gap to fill, you can chip the flux off one rod and use it, along with the rod you're burning to fill it. Kinda like welding with a gas torch. The only thing I use my gas rig for is brazing and welding mufflers,(only when I have to!) Don't worry about using a 70 rod for strength, regular steel is only 36,000 lbs tensile, so anything you use will be stronger then the steel it'self.
Good Luck, Tom
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