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Rick Schneider
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I am glad Todd weighed in on the numbers of Sticks. Too often we think we can do something properly just because it happens to work. I have always been an advocate of taking a class at a community college. I was able to take Stick welding and a TIG MIG class for $95 each from professional welders. You will learn what all those stick numbers mean, what the uses for DC - /DC+/ AC are really for. Most of you probably set your welder on one of them and leave it forever not knowing which one will really do a better job. One of these settings will give you better penetration. Go find out. You will be the better for it.

Before any of you say I do just fine and welding isn't that hard and my equipment is built tough, I want to say that welding is a pretty easy thing to just get the hang of, but for the cheap price of a CC class you will learn it right and it will be better. You will get more out of your $100 Welding class than you will out of a $1000+ summer glass class.
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