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You can get a very similar saw at Enco for $197.95+S&H actually it is on sale for $169.95. Or a similar saw at Grizzy Industrial for $287 S&H included. Harbour Freight has one listed for $169. McMaster-Carr has one listed for 271.95+S&H. These tool suppliers, even Delta, buy their tools from the same factories in Asia and we end up paying $100 extra dollars for a name brand sticker and special paint. Some tool suppliers will offer 3 identical tools but made in 3 different factories: China, Taiwan and North America, I came across this when I was shopping for a stomp shear. The Chinese Tool is the lowest priced and least reliable, Taiwan is better quality and a little more expensive, workmanship is increased i a place where one can be publically "caned" for vandalism. The tools in the made in the USA or Canada are twice as expensive and are sometimes the most reliable. If you do inquire where things were made, remember, "Made in the USA" and "Assembled in the USA" are two different things.

The Delta Model pictured on Toolking is okay. Depending on what you are cutting it can be loud and the blades often don't track straight when cutting several itmes at once. The other down side is the lack of a lube/coolant system and the belt drive can slip. It will be more accurate, smell better, safer and much more healthy to be around than an abrasive cut off saw.

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