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Originally Posted by Virgil Jones View Post
Steve (and Pete),

Are you saying the crack in my pot in my new Stadelman furnace is definitely a factory defect? If that is the case then I assume I will be reimbursed for the price of replacement. The vertical hairline crack WAS slightly noticeable at first as I informed both you and Pete. After a short amount of use it's very much there now!! I am changing the pot today with one of the THREE I just purchased from Pete...Are you telling me that I might be putting a defective EC pot in the furnace...One that has been camouflaged by the factory????

Virgil Jones

The only "camouflage" I ever see on EC pots is at the rims where they try to cover up small bite size munches in the lip Virgil. They irritate me because it doesn't make the "munch" go away. What should be happening there is that the "munch" shouldn't exist in the first place in my opinion and that trying to cover it up doesn't inspire much confidence either. EC however does not think that this is a serious problem and will not warranty it. I have yet to see a "munch" actually cause a failure of a pot.

I never know about cracks. EC takes the position that you need to inspect the pot extremely carefully when you receive it. Their position is that it may have been cracked in shipping. Maybe true, maybe not true. I can usually tell the difference between a shipping crack and a firing crack when the pot is new but once it has been run, it's impossible to say. Fine tooth comb inspection is really important.

My understanding regarding the pot you had in service is that it in fact never leaked which doesn't qualify as a defective pot from EC's point of view. I know this because I have tried to make claims on such issues in the past. I have seen hairline cracks in pots run for very long periods of time with no incident.

Even so, cracks happen and cracks happening early should be dealt with through a complaint process. Steve tells me that he asked for photos and he never received any from you. Without photos, nothing is going to happen. At this point, I doubt that anything will happen since too much time has passed, the pot doesn't seem to be leaking, You can certainly E mail me photos of the pot, with a complaint and I will take it to EC and give it my best representation.

Bringing it to a public forum is not particularly helpful.

I would like to make it clear that I have never seen EC try to cover up a crack of any substance. They cover little ones on the lip and that irritates me to no end. Further, they don't seem to have real difficulties with pots smaller than 19 inch in diameter. Yours I believe was a 16 inch. They do seem to have some issues with voids in their castings which is why we have been talking about the superiority of the castings at High Temp.

I am trying to introduce a product that I believe is superior in its castings and firings in every way. We have worked long and hard on this and are well pleased with the results. We are offering what I believe to be a superior product at a lower price. That I think should be viewed as a good thing but not as an opportunity to attack EC. EC has issues, LaClede certainly has issues. Ipsen had issues.Corhart has issues. I am sure that High Temp will have issues. For years, EC was the low cost alternative to LaClede. They have certainly gotten more expensive in a relatively short period of time. I am offering an alternative to that. There are people who are totally committed to La Clede and there are people who are totally committed to EC. There are people who hate all of them. They all try, some do better than others at one time or another. Life goes on. These are crucibles for melting glass and are frequently abused badly by the users. If I can find evidence that the user didn't bash the pot, I try to represent that to the manufacturer. It's one of the advantages of buying the pot through me. At that point you have a track record. When you buy direct, you pay the same price but you are on your own if there is a problem. It's up to the consumer as to how they want to proceed.

But I don't believe EC is fatally flawed at all. I just have a new alternative.
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