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I recall a photo that showed absolutely nothing that I could take back to EC and they do require a good photo. Most people can take good photos if they have to. I have never seen an EC pot crack absolutely horizontally unless it was really worn. Shipping cracks are big and ugly for the most part and they are not very hard to spot. It is amazing to me how few people inspect their pots when they arrive for damage and that is the time it needs to be done. EC won't warranty a cracked pot. They will warranty a pot that has voids in the casting but you never see them until the pot suddenly fails. Then they prorate the amount of time the pot was in service based on a total anticipated life of 10 months, assuming weekly charges.

Actually, it is amazing to me that they warranty at all. La Clede doesn't do it, Ipsen didn't do it and EC didn't do it until I made a lot of noise about it. Even so, it is limited since they cannot control how a pot is used. I rarely get a crack claim Through QC and that's a fact. Occasionally, they honor a claim that I find to be extremely dubious but I still submit it. As Eben said, quality was a major issue for him with LaClede yet tons of people still buy them and still pay premium prices compared to EC.

My point in this thread was (again) that I have been working long and hard to get a crucible made that I think is going to be the best quality out there. And it will cost less. I

That should be good news.
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