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Phosphate Opal

After reading an older thread on Phosphate opals, I tried the following:

Quantities in pounds, except as shown

Sand 20
Soda Ash 4.6
Hydrted Lime 2
Zinc Oxide 1.2
Borax 3
Alumina Hydrate .6
Lithium Carb .6
Potassium Nitrate 73grams
Sodium Tripolyphosphate 2.8

After melting, I got a lot of crap on top but the glass underneath seems to be ok. I could have melted hotter, but wanted to take it easy because of glass in the other 2 pots.
My question is would a change to the time and temps of the melt help to reduce the junk on top, or is this just the way it is with this particular formula. The original purpose was to have a white that would be fairly dense, and have a viscosity close to the other colors that I make would have.
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